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02 Aug 2013

Todays deal:

$15 for 5x Baseball Bat Shape Capacitive Stylus Pen for iPhone/SmartPhones (value $45) incl Delivery

Value: $45.00
Discount: 67%
Savings: $30
Coupon valid until 30 Nov 2013

This deal is available from 02 Aug 2013
until 07 Aug 2013

This deal includes:

Winter is the enemy of touch devices. After all, you can't play Angry Birds when you're wearing gloves.
The Baseball Bat  shape Stylus Pen is crafted of special material that emulates the touch of a fingertip specifically designed for the for capacitive touch screen devices (ie. iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Samsung Galaxy phones, Sony Xperia, Lg Optimus L series, HTC and more).
Increase the accuracy of your touch on any touch screen with this high quality stylus. The soft rubber tip prevents the stylus from scratching your touch screen and provides enough grip to accurately enter commands with ease. The stylus pen is small and easy to carry making it a daily companion for any touch screen device.
Compatible with:
All Capacitive Touch Screen Devices
Works on all capacitive multi-point touch screen devices
Built-In soft head for screen protection and increased control
Special plug at the end that goes into your phones / iPads earphone jack which prevents from losing the stylus
Compact design and feel for maximum comfort and accuracy
Smudge free tip surface
Made of high quality and durable material

Weight 2.6g
Length : 6.3cm


You will receive one of each colour in your pack: Black, Red, Blue, Green & Silver 

You will receive instructions in your coupon to email delivery address after your purchase.


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