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Hey Guys,
It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I’ve just got a couple of quick things to share with you….
Poker Professor: New Site Re-Launch
Well… we’ve been working on it for over 6 months now, but I’m pleased to announce that the new Poker Professor website has now gone live at www.pokerprofessor.com
Apart from a well needed cosmetic uplift from our old design which dated back to 2005, we’ve also completely revisited and updated all the content.
New Poker University – containing all our famous Poker Professor Courses (still completely free) New fun Exams added to our courses to make them even more fun and interactive Completely redesigned User Interface to make following our courses and navigating the site much more intuitive
Loads more to come over the next few months including more courses and some exciting changes for our community forums.
Hope you get a chance to check out all our hard work and let us know what you think.
Update on My Other Business
Some of you in the Poker Professor Community have been asking me recently about my other business.
For those of you that don’t know, as well as running Poker Professor and some other Poker related websites I also run a Retail business, selling my company’s own products on Amazon and taking advantage of their 320million visitors per month and a share of their $79billion revenue.
A number of you have asked me how to go about getting into that sort of business and making some extra money, so here are a few details, as I promised you.
What Exactly Do I Do?
I first started this business in October last year. In just the short few months since then, the business has grown well and last month my revenue on Amazon was just over £6,000 (USD $9,000).
The exciting thing is that's just from selling two individual products on Amazon (and I’ve got another 5 in the pipeline).
I do this by finding high selling products on Amazon Then getting manufacturers to produce a version of the product with my company’s brand name on it. I then get the supplier to ship the stock direct to Amazon, who store it and dispatch it to my customers as the orders come in. All I have to do is check my sales every day (which I’m addicted to btw!) and re-order from my suppliers as required.
Where Did I Learn How to Do This?
I actually learnt the whole process from two guys Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback who have built up a $3million business using these methods.
I joined their private program last October They taught me step by step how to do each stage of the process with clear actions to take at each stage I also got to join their private mastermind group where we all discuss strategies and ways to be more successful with Amazon.
I’ve taken it quite steadily, as I like to learn and research each step as I go (and I've also been busy with Poker Professor!), but some members of the program are much further down the line than me. One guy I talk to regularly is already up to $300k per month after less than a year!
If You’re Interested in Joining Me….
Since last October their program has been closed. This is the way they work, behind closed doors so they can work closely with members.
I know that some of you guys that I’ve talked to about it are interested in looking into it and I promised to let you know if it became available again, which is the reason for this off topic email.
The awesome news is that they are reopening the doors to the program next week.
Now they have only opened the doors to new members twice before, in March and October last year, and both times the doors were only open for 1 week. So if you’re interested then you need to look into it in the next few days.
I’m waiting to hear back from Matt when the exact date is for the doors to open, but they normally do some launch videos giving you some free information from inside the program, so I should think that will be early next week with the doors opening towards the end of the week.
For those of you that want more information…
For those of you that have expressed an interested, I’ve made a short 4-part video series that gives you all the information that I think you need, as well as exclusive videos from inside the “Amazing Selling Machine” program.
You can view the videos at ASM2014.com
I'll fire out another quick email when I hear the details for ASM’s opening, for those that are interested, for those that are not, I’m sorry, I only have the ability to send to the whole community at once, so please accept my apologies.
That’s all for now,
Adrian ('The Prof')
4-Part Video Series
Short video series I've made for those of you that are interested in doing what I am doing and earning a full time living from selling your own branded products on Amazon.
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