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Oh, so you've met our mascots!

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Oct 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Whose idea was this, anyway?

Pilot fish in charge of computing facility operations comes up with a new way to improve password security: publicly shaming users who aren't following password rules.
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Oh, so you've met our mascots!

There's hard, and then there's HARD

How to build a security career | Salted Hash Ep 5

Viewpoint: VMware

Executive Viewpoint - Extending the Benefit of a Server Refresh: Adding Best-in-Class HCI with vSAN

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is already one of the most important initiatives driving the transition to the modern data center. As Grandview Research states, "In the next months 40% of large organizations and 35% of mid-tier organizations intend to shift from traditional architecture to hyper-converged infrastructure." We recently had an opportunity to learn more about a seamless path to HCI with Lee Caswell of VMware.
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Oh, so you've met our mascots!

This pilot fish's job calls for him to travel to customer sites, doing software updates for a distribution system -- which means dealing with some unfriendly wildlife.
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There's hard, and then there's HARD

Winter is coming, and this company is planning a major systems upgrade -- one with a hard deadline that turns out to be a lot harder than the IT director thinks.
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How to build a security career | Salted Hash Ep 5

What does it mean to be a security professional? CSO's Fahmida Rashid and Steve Ragan break down what it takes to get ahead in the field.
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Research/Infographic: Presented by Advizex

Get Public Cloud Agility and On-premises IT Security

Rigid IT infrastructures can't scale to meet tomorrow's demands, especially for high-bandwidth initiatives like DevOps and cloud. Explore the dangers of a rigid IT infrastructure and see how a move to flexible IT delivers resources on demand - while reducing IT costs.
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IDG Enterprise's Digital Edge 50: Pushing Digital Boundaries

The 2017 Digital Edge 50 awards recognize 50 organizations for digital transformation initiatives with significant, measurable business impact. Entries were judged by a panel of executive peers, including past winners, who evaluated projects on complexity, scale, business outcomes and innovation. Winning entries span more than 15 industries and seven countries outside the U.S. -- Australia, Belgium, China, France, India, Singapore and Switzerland.

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