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Plus: Stephen Hawking, Dogs 'n' Dolphins, and One Redditor's First Published Book!

How was your week? Ours was pretty awesome. We launched Upvoted.com, a hub for all the original content we’re producing to amplify your stories from across the Reddit network—always giving you the credit you deserve. It started with the podcast (which now has its own home), which then evolved to this newsletter (there’s nearly 1/4 of a million of you subscribed now), and as of this week, there’s a home for our original video and all the articles we’ve previously been posting directly into r/upvoted.

There’s a wide range of really awesome content our team has been producing, always adding value and crediting the redditors and communities whence they surface. Here are some of my favorites:

A candid piece on survivors of suicide telling their stories
Follow-up with the Kenyan hero, Omari, who protected that orphanage from attack and took a machete to the face
Profile of indie game creator Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac)
Redditor’s clever hack to meet Taylor Swift
How two strangers found love through a Facebook glitch

Upvoted is as diverse as Reddit itself, so we’re covering everything from sports, food, science, and more.

We launched our original video programming with the first season of AMA: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nate Silver, and Hilary Duff were the first batch with a new one to come every week. There was one more video just for launch week, but you’ll have to scroll down for it.

And finally, we debuted original weekly columns from a few well-known redditors like Shitty Watercolour, Christine McConnell, and Unidan.

You’ll also find all of Greg’s Ask an Admin columns (the most recent installment of which discusses the office’s new Tiki Toss tradition). Like all-things-Reddit, each article posted to Upvoted.com is submitted to r/upvoted for discussion. There’s a link to comment at the bottom of every article!

Hope you enjoy consuming this as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  DISNEY Meet the Cutest Couple at Disney World submitted by JOEY2X

Not all news out of Florida is bad (looking at you, Florida Man!). User JOEY2X shared a heartwarming photo of an adorable couple—wearing matching shirts—spotted at Disney World in Orlando. See Beverly’s matching shirt in the full photo here.

31 read more 684
  ASKHISTORIANS Historically Speaking… “How Big Were Asses in Ancient Rome?”
I tried Googling it and only got a bunch of Reddit TILs about how a ‘butt’ is a unit of measurement. Nothing about asses.  Forlurn

After stumbling across a book on the history of tariffing “asses” in the Roman Republic, user Forlurn asked for help from the historians. Was it a donkey-related currency? A reference to Roman rump sizes? Fortunately, ass expert Gama_Rex was there to get to the bottom of things.

71 read more 1929
  PICS Redditors Send Image to the Moon submitted by LunarMissionOne

The team behind Lunar Mission One asked redditors for a photo to accompany their next visit to the moon’s South Pole, promising to send the most upvoted suggestion to space in 2017. Many users warned that Reddit would probably choose a silly suggestion (remember Splashy Pants?), and, well, you can judge the leadings pics for yourself (#1, #2, and a somewhat NSFW #3).

2511 read more 5066
  SCIENCE Stephen Hawking Discusses Artificial Intelligence in His First AMA
It’s clearly possible for a something to acquire higher intelligence than its ancestors: we evolved to be smarter than our ape-like ancestors, and Einstein was smarter than his parents.  Prof-Stephen-Hawking

Professor Hawking also shared how long it will take to build human-level A.I., how he handles the “Terminator Conversation,” and his favorite song, movie, and TV show.

3129 read more 5367
  GIFS Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friend Is a Dolphin
submitted by loopdeloops

User loopdeloops posted this gif from Tory Island Harbour in Ireland—showing Ben the dog meeting up with his seaside pal, Duggie the dolphin. Awwwquatic. (It’s a lot cuter than this slightly more “unexpected” gif of one very creepy canine.)

515 read more 5451
  ASKREDDIT If Rappers Were Cows, What Would Some of Their Hit Songs Be?
Moo tang clan ain’t nothin’ to f*ck with.  nightcrawler84

Highlights from this extraordi-dairy AskReddit thread include a barnyard take on a Kendrick Lamar classic, this ear-catching anthem by Moodacris, and a brilliant verse from “Moo’s Yourself” by Emoonem.

2285 read more 1291
  DIY User Kjepper Creates Caller ID for Visually Impaired Mom submitted by kjepper

When user kjepper’s mom began losing her vision, the DIY expert decided to craft a solution to help her see who was calling her. View the full gallery to see how kjepper constructed the machine using deconstructed computer parts and spare materials.


My grandma is also slowly going blind. I’m definitely doing this for her.

297 read more 4604
  ASKSCIENCEFICTION Why Aren’t Brooms Standardized in Quidditch?
Why is such a vast difference in equipment quality allowed in a sporting event when it gives such a clear advantage to whichever team is richer?  CheezyPotatoPie

Reddit user CheezyPotatoPie hit us with this truth bomb that made us reconsider the very foundation of our favorite sport: quidditch. While some Harry Potter fans defended the lack of regulation, comparing it to NASCAR, others dismissed it as a “rich people” sport like golf.

104 read more 343
  MOVIES From _ovies to _ooks: Redditor Austin Light Publishes a Book of (Intentional) Typos submitted by austindlight

This story began last year when Austin Light posted an album of “Movie Title Typos” on Reddit, creating posters for movie titles that were one letter off from the originals (like Pup Fiction, Obocop, Harry Otter, and Mr. and Mrs. Sith). After the post went viral, Light landed a book deal—and he returned to Reddit this week to let us know that his book is now published.

890 read more 5045
  UPVOTED The Story of OptiKey: A Free Eye-Tracking Software Helping People With ALS Communicate
submitted by YeahIWroteOptiKey

A few weeks ago, we featured Julius Sweetland, a British programmer who created an eye-tracking keyboard to help people with neurological disorders communicate for free. Our video team followed up with him in London to see OptiKey firsthand—check out the full video here.

0 read more 8

Ever wonder how many bananas it takes to blow up a human? The answer might be wildly inaccurate, but it’s pretty entertaining.

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