3 Holiday Foods the TSA Will Confiscate and More...

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December 22, 2015

3 Holiday Foods the TSA Will Confiscate

Carry-ons are the place we put last-minute items before traveling, which often include going-away gifts from family and friends.[related] And at the holidays, those last-minute gifted items are almost always food and drink to make sure you’re happy...Read More 

Celebrity Chef Judy Joo Opens New Restaurant in Hong Kong

Judy Joo, the Korean-American chef and TV personality, has opened a second iteration of her wildly successful London restaurant, Jinjuu, in the iconic Hong Kong skyscraper, the California Tower. This will be chef Joo’s first foray into the Asian...Read More 

What Frozen Food Looks Like Around the World

Many college students, hurried parents, and young professionals view frozen food as a go-to meal that does its part to lessen the stress in their busy lives. But Stouffer’s lasagna, Marie Callender’s chicken pot pies, and Ore-Ida French fries haven’...Read More 

Are You Brave Enough to Eat These 10 Popular Street Foods Around the Globe?

If the prospect of gnawing on spindly deep-fried tarantulas tickles your taste buds, there are plenty of street vendors in Cambodia who will be more than happy to serve you. According to a recent study from the National Restaurant Association, 60...Read More 

12 Famous Pastry Shops Around the World

The moment you step in, sweet smells of sugar and chocolate overwhelm you as you stare in awe at glass cases displaying rows of colorful treats intricately designed that look almost too pretty to eat — almost. An éclair, sprinkled with just the...Read More 

25 Best Dessert Trucks in America 2015

If the food truck market is a niche in and of itself, then dessert trucks are one niche deeper. Food trucks have proven to be a sizeable industry in the United States, with an estimated 4,130 of them, worth $1.2 billion, plying their trade in 2015....Read More 

What Do People Eat in Finland?

Finland, a northern European country bordering Sweden and Russia, is known for beautiful things like the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, which can be seen up to 200 nights a year in the northern Finnish Lapland and 20 nights a year in the...Read More 

Top 6 Travel Destinations in Europe for 2016

Ready to start your travel plans for the new year? It may be hard to choose thanks to all the up-and-coming (and classic) European cities there are. According to British Airways and AspirantSG, here are the top six travel destinations in Europe for...Read More 

Cadbury Angers UK Over Blatant Corporate Tax Evasion

Since Cadbury was bought by Mondelez International five years ago, the sweets company has avoided paying corporate taxes, according to recent reports acquired by the British Sunday Times. Despite the fact that the corporation made a profit of £149...Read More 
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