5 reasons to visit Holland this autumn

3 years ago

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Check out our autumn tips for your holiday.
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5 tips for your autumn holiday in Holland
Dear reader,
Autumn is a great season to discover Holland. Dutch autumns are themed around good food and enjoyment. How about a gourmet weekend in Haarlem or Breda? Why not try out some new flavours in the Rotterdam food market? Or discover Amsterdam on the most beautiful tram ride in the world.
1. Enjoy the north’s lively city Haarlem
Stroll along the canals, enjoy beautiful art, hit the shops and after working up that appetite, you will find fine restaurants serving delicious food.
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2. The top 10 restaurants in Holland for a sumptuous culinary evening
Experience a high-quality culinary evening in one of the best restaurants in Holland.
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3. Relax in the top 5 city spas
There's so much you can see and do during a weekend in one of Holland’s major cities! You can wander through the most beautiful museums, cycle along the canals, parade through the finest shopping streets…and afterwards relax in a city spa.
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4. A long weekend in Breda
With its welcoming, beautiful historic city center, Breda in the fun-loving province of Brabant is one of Holland's most hospitable towns. 
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5. Sightseeing in Amsterdam with the world's best tram ride
Tram number 2 has been doing its permanent circuit in Amsterdam for more than 110 years. With countless great attractions en route, it's not surprising National Geographic designated this journey as one of the best tram rides in the world!
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Check out our accommodation tips for your autumn holiday:
Hotels in Amsterdam
Over 180 hotels in the heart of Amsterdam: a perfect central location for your visit to the city.
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5 beautiful castles where you can spend the night
Be pampered like a royal at the wonderful castles in Holland.
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More tips for autumn
Discover more reasons why you should spend your autumn break in Holland.
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