5 signs your computer is dying, Simple inventions that save you money, + Why everyone should give the gift of Kim's Club - Wed. Dec. 23, 2015

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5 signs your computer is dying, Simple inventions...
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DECEMBER 23, 2015

Give the gift of Kim's Club

With all of the hype that builds up to Christmas, it's always disappointing when things go back to normal. The gifts have been opened, the food has been devoured, and all that's left are the memories.

So why not give your friends and family a gift that keeps on giving year-round? Or, maybe give a little something extra to yourself this year. Anyone who loves having the latest information about digital trends and wants breaking news alerts about security threats as they happen needs a Kim's Club membership.

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Flash Tip Video: These 9 simple inventions will save you a ton of money

If you are looking for ways to save money over time that don't involve radically changing your life, look no further than here. In this Komando.com Flash Tip video, we found nine amazing inventions that will cut costs and simplify your everyday life.

Click here to watch now. >>

5 signs your computer is dying

Didn't put a computer on your Christmas wish list? You might want to double-check that it isn't on its last legs.

Learn how to spot the signs of a dying computer before it's too late. >>

Kim, I need you. What's the best way to ... ?

Did you know if I answer your question you win a great prize? It's true! All you have to do is email me any digital question that's on your mind. If it's a tech support question, use our Message Boards. Our staff and others help listeners online there.

Click here to email me now. >>

Listen to the TV at your own volume

We've all been there: One spouse wants to watch the TV, but it's too loud for the other. Now everyone can have their own way at the same time! These wireless TV headphones let you set your own volume.

Own yours now at my online store. >>

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A new "Star Wars" movie is coming out and fans couldn't get more excited. There's a few fans at Google, it seems, because the company has rolled out a fun Easter Egg to its search site. 


We've all seen a tape measure and, hopefully, everyone has used one. But there is one trick up the sleeve of your ordinary tape measure you probably didn't know that can make a huge difference. See the demo in this Komando.com Flash Tip!


Ever in a situation where you have more devices to charge than ports? This is your solution - The Companion GO-Plus 2.


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