5 steps to cool your heating bill, How to get your tablet to speak to you, and more!

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5 steps to cool down your heating bill, How to get...Problems viewing this email?
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Get your tablet to speak to you

While you can always make the text on the screen bigger, sometimes it would be nice to not look at the screen so much. Both iPad and Android can read what's on the screen and even give additional information you wouldn't immediately notice otherwise. Watch this Komando.com Flash Tip to see how to turn this feature on.

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Build earbuds out of bullet shells

I guarantee your friends
will be insanely jealous of these incredible homemade earbuds. They don't look all that difficult to make if you're handy with a drill and a soldering iron. But the results are awesome. Watch this video to learn how to make headphones out of .40 caliber shells.

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5 steps to slash your heating bill

Winter temperatures are setting in quick, which means it's once again time to fire up the heater. Unfortunately, when you get your heating bill each month it might seem like it would be less expensive to heat your house by burning piles of money. Luckily, in this Komando.com Flash Tip, we'll tell you five simple steps to
easily slash your heating bill.

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How to make
delicious bacon & eggs breakfast pizza

Looking for a simple yet tasty breakfast idea? You have GOT to try this yummy-looking recipe for breakfast pizza with bacon and eggs.

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Brave Muslims shielded Christians during a terrorist attack in Kenya

Watching the news, it can sometimes seem as if we're more divided than ever. That's why it's so encouraging to hear about stories like this. Even in the midst of evil, people from different religions can unite to protect each other.

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This freaky fungus looks like an alien octopus hatching from the earth

Clathrus archeri is also known Devil's Fingers and Octopus Fungus. It's easy to see why when you watch this super creepy looking time-lapse of it growing out of the ground.

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