5 Tips to help you use Twitter like a boss, + The easiest way to protect your home while you're out - Tues. Dec. 29, 2015

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5 Tips to help you use Twitter like a boss, + The...
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DECEMBER 29, 2015

How to use Twitter like a boss

You might think Twitter is just a place where people post Throwback Thursday photos, but it's not. With over 170 million active users, Twitter has become a major source for news and real-time updates around the world. In 140 characters, or less, Twitter users are able to spread ideas and trends like wildfire.

But when you first start wading through your Twitter feed, there are certain aspects that can seem overwhelming. Twitter has its own rule book and practically its own language. If you don't catch on, you'll have a hard time fitting in.

Learn everything you need to know to make sense of Twitter. >>

Happening Now: Nasty malware steals banking information from Android users

Android devices are vulnerable to a Trojan used by hackers to steal your banking credentials. They create phony apps designed to look like apps from financial companies and mobile payment companies in North America, Europe, Australia and elsewhere.

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Stay protected on vacation

If the suitcases are packed, that probably means it's time to head out for your much-anticipated holiday vacation! Don't worry about your home being secure while you're away; trust my sponsor SimpliSafe to take care of it for you. This inexpensive home security system lets you monitor your house straight from your smartphone. Leave SimpliSafe to do the worrying. You just enjoy that much-needed vacation.

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Enter to win one of four new gadgets

With the New Year, I'm giving away great new gear. You could win one of four awesome gadgets like the Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch, valued at $249.99; the D-Link Full HD 108-Degree Wi-Fi Camera, valued at $199.99; the Bamboo Spark Smart Folio & Pen from Wacom, valued at $159.95; or the SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, valued at $149.00.

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Oh, Kim, tell me. How can I?

I know you have questions. Now, I can't answer all my email but if I answer yours on the air or online, I'll give you a prize. If it's a tech support question, use our Message Boards. Our staff and others help listeners online there.

Otherwise, click here now to drop me an email. >>

You control this cool GoPro competitor with a watch

GoPro used to be the only mini-action cam in the game, but now there are dozens. But most of them rely on using a smartphone app to control it. If you're skiing or swimming, that can be a bit awkward.

Check out this cool action camera you control with a remote control wristwatch monitor. It's on at my online shop. >>

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