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5 Virtual and Hybrid Event Solutions to Engage Your Attendees

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This year has made one thing perfectly clear. Virtual and Hybrid Meetings are here to stay. As a result, engaging and interacting with your virtual audience is more important than ever.

Merestone Productions can combine the best elements from live, in-person meetings with the safety and convenience of broadcast-quality live stream virtual events.

Below are five of Merestone's in-house, virtual and hybrid event solutions. If you'd like, you can speak to a Merestone Producer by signing up for a backstage tour.



LED Wall Backdrop

An LED Wall adds versatility and production value to virtual and hybrid events. HD videos, animated backgrounds and creative content can be changed out quickly on an LED Wall. Presenters can interact directly with the LED Wall behind them. This allows opportunities to communicate with attendees and speakers in a virtual or hybrid capacity.


Stunning Virtual Sets

Merestone's Virtual Sets add production value and offer the most customization options for your clients. Here's how it works: presenters are filmed on green screen and appear on our Virtual Set in real-time. This is a stunning way to incorporate your brand, messaging and event theme. It's perfect for award ceremonies and sales summits. The best part is that we can film your presenters at Merestone's Green Screen Studio.


Book A Virtual Emcee

One of the best ways to engage your attendees is with a Virtual Emcee. Our experienced hosts bring a personal touch that resonates with virtual and in-person (hybrid) attendees. They also keep the meeting on track with timely pacing and facilitate smooth transitions between segments.


Merestone Virtual Campus

Merestone's Virtual Campus is a fully immersive experience that re-creates the best elements from live meetings — within an virtual setting. Every attendee gets their own avatar which allows them to interact, talk, network, and explore. Our Virtual Campus is packed with easy-to-use features, 16+ meeting rooms, three outdoor pavilions, an Expo Hall, and dozens of networking areas.


Pre-Produced Content and Broadcast-Quality Live Streaming

Production quality is the biggest thing missing from many virtual meetings. Audiences are taking notice. They're tired of lengthy Zoom calls with pixelated videos and garbled audio.

Merestone has the studio space, equipment and production staff to film and deliver professionally pre-produced video content. We also have our platform in place to deliver broadcast-quality live streaming. This way your attendees get clear, quality content that they can then download directly to their devices.




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