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5 months ago

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Hi friend,
We all have our own suspicions regarding our partners and where a relationship is headed. Believe it or not, sometimes all you need is just 6 questions that you should be able to answer about your partner immediately to determine if you are in a long-term relationship:
1) What toppings do they take on their pizza?
2) What is the one thing that makes them angry about you?
3) Do they have a conscious attitude about saving money?
4) Which film star do they find the most attractive?
5) What makes them lose their temper without any doubt or exception?
6) What is that one place they really want to travel to?
Of course their choice of pizza toppings does not define your partner or your shared relationship. These questions – and, particularly, the answers should serve as a mirror to you. If you find that the answers differ to an extent that might be a hint at you two being practically strangers to each other, take your time and think about it.
Do you, on the other hand, only wish to have a long-term relationship but it is not on the horizon yet? Are you curious of what the future holds for you on the love front? Talk to our qualified and experienced psychics any time of the day to get answers to the questions and doubts that pierce you most!
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