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Good Morning voornaam 
It's now a full week since that Facebook post by Yassmin Abdel-Magied and still the pundits and politicians pile on. I suppose it was inevitable that Q&A would want a crack at the issue but hasn't the rest of the world moved on? Four Corners was an eye-opening and brutally honest insight into the struggles of former elite athletes coming to terms with life after fame. Hopefully our sporting bodies take note of what happens to the likes of Lauren Jackson when they are "put out to pasture".
And speaking of sport, people are just starting to realise there's no surfing at next year's Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. It's not even a demonstration sport. Tokyo has found room for it at the 2020 Olympic Games, but we can't. Don't anyone tell Borobi, OK?

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1. Higher ed pain revealed
The details of the federal government's higher education changes were announced last night. Graduates will be forced to repay HECS debts once they start earning $42,000 a year, down from $55,874. Funding to universities will be cut by 2.5 per cent. And students will pay more. For example, the cost of a four-year teaching degree will increase by $1250 to $27,800.
2. Facebook posts help criminals
You've heard it before but be careful what you post online. Queensland police say Facebook, Tinder and the like played a role in at least 20 violent crimes last year, including murders, rapes and assaults. Meanwhile, NSW police have told Triple J's Hack that stealthing - where men secretly remove condoms during sex - is not in itself a crime.
3. Support for anti-vax parents
Around 50 protesters have gathered outside Lady Cilento Children's Hospital to show support for four-year-old Chase Walker-Steven. An Amber Alert was issued on Friday when Chase was taken from the hospital by his family. His mum Cini claimed vaccines and hospital food had harmed her son. They've since been located in NSW. The protesters included other families who claim to have had similar "issues" with the hospital.

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4. Aboriginal story proves true
Scientists have confirmed that a story passed down by the Gugu Badhun people of north Queensland for 230 generations is true. It tells of a large explosion, massive crater, thick dust and fire running along a river. National Geographic says new evidence suggests the 7000 year old story is a true account of the Kinrara volcano erupting with its "ash and lava fountains".
5. Will the fake Slim Shady stand up?
You'd want to be in this courtroom just for the lols. But this is a very serious business. The question is: did New Zealand's ruling National Party rip off Eminem's Lose Yourself in a 2014 election campaign advertisement? Decide for yourself. There's a lot of production music that's designed to sound very similar to well-known tunes. This case could set an interesting precedent.

Also catching my eye ...

Here's a long read to tuck away for lunchtime or the bus home. What can be done about Donald Trump? No, really. Short of waiting till 2020, how can the President of the United States of America actually be removed from office? The New Yorker explains there are two main ways the nuclear launch codes can be taken away from him. But how feasible are they?
On the weekend, I sat down at the Kenmore Tavern for an bleu eye fillet with baked potato and coleslaw. Without thinking, I whipped out my phone and took this photo. These days, I can't help myself. If it looks good, I want to be able to see it again after I've eaten it. Somehow that adds to the enjoyment. How do restaurants feel about us doing this? According to MarketWatch, they are now designing meals with phone photography in mind.

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What's coming up?                                                        
  • Trial begins for man accused of killing Barbara McCulkin and raping her two daughters in 1974
  • Sea World makes major animal announcement
  • Justin Bieber impersonator has case mentioned in court
And finally ... 
A mini-Boondall has sprung up at Seventeen Mile Rocks in Brisbane's south-west. There are more photos here showing multiple car parks and pathways through bushland. Or you can watch the official video here . It's the new premises for Kenmore Baptist Church, to be known as Riverlife. When it opens in July, the main auditorium will have seating for 1500 and the same sound system as the QPAC Concert Hall. Makes you wonder whether we're seeing the birth of a new mid-sized venue that could host concerts and the like.

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