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28 Aug 2013

Todays deal:

$9.95 for a NBA Team Power Balance Energy Band (valued at $70) incl Delivery

Value: $70.00
Discount: 86%
Savings: $60.05
Coupon valid until 31 Oct 2013

This deal is available from 28 Aug 2013
until 01 Sep 2013

This deal includes:

Love doing sports? If so, you will definitely love these limited edition NBA TEAM Power Balance's bracelet. Power Balance is something called Performance Technology that is designed to act on your body's natural energy field. That means, Power Balance bracelet is capable of helping you to promote your flexibility, balance and strength, which is crucial factor for athletes and those enthusiasts of sports. Of course, it is also suitable for common people.
Similar to concepts behind those Eastern philosophies, the idea behind Power Balance technology is based on the idea of optimizing users' natural energy flow. The hologram in Power Balance is meant to respond to and resonate with the natural energy field of the body and that's how it works.

Some people are able to experience the effect simply by holding or drinking a product embedded with holographic technology. Simple kinesiological muscle testing may be used to determine the effects on balance, strenght, flexiblity and range of motion.
These bracelets are worn by all people. Everyone from professional surfers, Golfers and Football players.

It helps improve performance and overall well being

It helps to relieve stress & chronic fatigue.

It has good effect on microcirculation and enhances blood circulation.

Plus there a number of other advantges that this energy band provides and that is the reason why millions of people across the globe are using this amazing product today.

These speacil NBA Team Power Balance bands are limited edition and there are 6 Teams to choose from :

* Los Angeles Lakers (Purple)

* Boston Celtics (Green)

* Chicago Bulls (Red)

* Miami Heat (Black)

* Orlando Magic (Blue)

* New York Knicks (Orange) 

And sizes available are : S (17.5cm) & M (19cm)

So here's your chance to grab this item at this amazingly low price today !!


Note : Limited Stock on some team bands



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