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Plus: Casey Neistat's Formative Moment, "T. rex Girl," and Medieval Snail Fights!

Happy Electronic Greetings Day!

Over the long weekend, redditors in the US celebrated Thanksgiving by eating… a lot. Some found their fridges invaded by an army of turkey cupcakes while others made a 40-lb. feast out of an actual pizza hut. Whether you went full-keto or cooked like a mad scientist, we hope you ate way too much—with friends, family, and no regrets.

Of course, it wasn’t all about food. After user OverPot found out that some LGBT redditors’ families refused to welcome them back for the holiday, OverPot opened their home for Thanksgiving dinner—writing, “Do not be ashamed. You are welcome here.”

Another redditor, user katiewillem, returned to the Motorcycles community—one month after her girlfriend’s bike crash—to thank redditors for sending food, clothes, and even a hospital parking pass while she was in the ICU.

And redditors in the Today I Learned community who wanted to give back shared how to help the homeless as the weather gets colder.

Thanks for keeping our gobbles grateful. Now for some sneaky pranks, Sir Ian McKellen, and more Reddit-y goodness to be thankful for all year-round!

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  ASKREDDIT How to Subtly F*ck With People submitted by Li-Anne Dias

Earlier this year, user ThrowawayCallsYouOut asked redditors, “What’s the best way to subtly f*ck with people?” The answers were so good, we had to bring some of the best pranks to life with this illustrated guide to being your worst self. Dick hair…

  IAMA Sir Ian McKellen: “Alright, Reddit: Ask Me Anything. Anything at All.” submitted by Sir_Ian_McKellen_AMA

Sir Ian McKellen is a man who needs no introduction. The actor behind Gandalf, Magneto, and most recently Sherlock Holmes answers redditors’ questions in the latest episode of Ask Me Anything (AMA). He discusses the perks of being a knight, his friendship with Patrick Stewart, and whether he’d rather fight 100 hobbit-sized Balrogs or just one Balrog-sized hobbit.

  ENTREPRENEUR Introducing ‘Formative’: A New Video Series by Reddit and Google

Casey Neistat was kicked out of his family’s house at 15, became a father at 17, and decided to move to New York City by age 19. Today, he has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and is the co-founder of the rapidly growing social platform Beme. Watch the story of the one defining moment behind his success in the pilot episode of Formative, a collaborative video series between Google Cloud Platform and Reddit’s Entrepreneur community.

  TODAYILEARNED “Jingle Bells” is Originally a Thanksgiving Song About Getting Drunk submitted by GroriousNipponSteer (Photo: iStockPhoto.com/MKucova)

If you waited until after Thanksgiving to bust out your favorite Christmas tunes, you might’ve missed the gravy train on “Jingle Bells.” Turns out this song was originally meant to be sung on Turkey Day. Oh, and it was also originally about old-school drunken drag racing.

submitted by Killer_MTou

The Sounds Like Chewy community is exactly what it sounds like—a group of like-minded Star Wars fans, gathered together to celebrate all things that sound like Chewbacca. Like this Coke can sliding across a desk, or this guy playing the electric guitar, or, umm, this chair.

  IAMA Fun Job Alert: These Women Name Paint Colors For a Living submitted by PPGVoiceOfColor

From “Flowering Raspberry” and “Enchanting Eggplant” to “Ghost Ship” and “Zombie,” if you’ve ever wondered who comes up with the names of paint colors, wonder no more: These women do—and they gave redditors an inside look at the color-naming process.

  IAMA Woman With Self-Described “T. Rex Arms” Has Inspiring Message About Defining Yourself Before Others Can submitted by cuteliltrex

Erin (Reddit user cuteliltrex) was born with radial club hands, a rare condition in which the radius bone of the forearm is malformed or missing. In a recent AMA, Erin shares what it’s like to be a self-described “T. rex Girl”—from childhood memories (of other kids chasing her with iron bars) to using selfie sticks, dressing as a dinosaur for Halloween, and dating on Tinder.

  PITTSBURGH Man Receives $1 Million Hospital Charge For 5-Day Stay With No Surgery submitted by school_dude

User nidenikolev was between insurance plans for less than two weeks—but during that time, a medical emergency forced him to go to the hospital. A month later, he got a letter from the hospital, and a bill demanding over $1 million for his visit.

  ASKREDDIT Shitty Watercolour Illustrates: What Was Your Biggest “My Parents Were Right” Moment? submitted by Shitty_Watercolour

Each week, Reddit’s artist-in-residence Shitty_Watercolour illustrates a sampling of Reddit’s best comments—and this week, they’re all about remembering the times we should’ve listened to our parents. From bad ex-boyfriends to always having a plunger handy, parents really do understand…

  TODAYILEARNED Alex the African Gray Parrot Was Smarter Than Your Average Four-Year-Old
submitted by moonsprite (Photo: iStockPhoto.com/RobHainer)

In 1977, animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg went into a pet shop to purchase a parrot named Alex. For the next 30 years until his death in 2007, Alex helped Dr. Pepperberg show the scientific community—and the general public—that the birds could count, distinguish shapes, and develop a large vocabulary. (See? Parrots really do understand…)

  VIDEOS Watch the Hagfish Choke a Shark With Anti-Predator Slime
submitted by PsychoNerd91 (Video: Massey University)

Meet the hagfish: a slimy, somewhat-phallic-shaped animal described by science blogs as “the most disgusting creature on Earth.” Whenever hagfish are stressed or in danger, they secrete copious amounts of slimy mucus from their pores, a perfect defense mechanism against predators like these unsuspecting sharks. Go, hagfish!

  ASKREDDIT Ever Feel Like a Fraud? Impostor Syndrome Could be Why submitted by theonefoster (Photo: iStockPhoto.com/Royce DeGrie)

Am I really as good as people think I am? When will everyone find out that I’m a fraud? These are just a few questions typically asked by people with impostor syndrome. One educator explains what this phenomenon is, why it’s important to talk about, and how it can be a sign of a positive personal trait.


Think the 1990s were weird? Check out some medieval manuscripts from the 1290s. They’re filled with paintings of fully armored knights fighting snails.

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