A Muay Thai fighter, a scientist, a tech entrepreneur — what do they have in common?

6 months ago

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Singapore: A place for those who love proving the world wrong
How did a former professional Muay Thai fighter build a multibillion-dollar sports media property? How did a scientist-turned-entrepreneur bring Asian science to the world? How did an Asian entrepreneur take on global tech giants, driving transportation in 235 cities in South-East Asia?
Meet Chatri, Juliana, and Anthony, the individuals who have achieved their dreams in Singapore.
We bring to you Singapore: The Impossible Story, a collection of films and stories on Singapore’s ability to defy all odds.
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The people: Singapore’s greatest asset in Industry 4.0
How do local startups like HOPE Technik, and Dynaoptics successfully innovate and commercialise for the world, from Singapore?
Learn how Singapore enables these companies to punch above their weight.
The ecosystem: How Singapore shapes the future of healthcare
8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and Asia’s fastest-growing biomedical sciences companies are based in Singapore.
Find out how Singapore injects success into the biomedical sciences industry.
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