A Must Lesson Revealing Using Chinese Double Negatives

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May. 16, 2019
A Must Lesson Revealing Using Chinese Double Negatives

1. Read the dialogue and answer the question below.

Lì Li: Jīntiān yǒu diǎnr lěng a.
Xiǎo Xīn: Shì a, nǐ hái chuān de zhème shǎo, (   ) gǎnmào (   ).
小新:是啊,你还穿得这么少, (   )感冒(   )。

Please choose the best option to make the dialogue complete.

A. 不 (Bù) ... 不 (Bù)

B. 非 (Fēi) ... 不可 (Bùkě)

C. 没有 (Méiyǒu) ... 不 (Bù)

Learn How to Use "不 (Bù)"And "没 (Méi) Correctly with the Chinese Quiz

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