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Dear Reader,

The conditions we’re seeing right now are a perfect storm for gold.

If I’m right, we could be looking at one of the biggest gold booms OF ALL TIME.

The kind of boom that goes down in history…

Helps early investors who select the right stocks make a fortune…

And could send certain gold investments to the Moon.

Our gold expert Shae Russell shared that prediction on 6 April 2020.

Within months, gold had made a new all-time high, sitting at US$2,000.

It has pulled back in the last few weeks, but overall many gold stocks have flown as a result.

Just look:

Newcrest — up 32% since 13 March.
Northern Star Resources — up 53% since 16 March.
OZ Minerals — up 149% since 23 March.
St Barbara — up 45% since 13 March.
Ramelius Resources — up 112% since 13 March.

And while not all of Shae’s tips shot up like these, if you’d moved on the shares Shae recommended back then, there’s no doubt in my mind you’d be sitting on a nice profit today.

But that’s the past.

I’m here to talk about the future.

Specifically, what does Shae think is coming NEXT, in 2021?

Find out here.

Best regards,

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James Woodburn,
Group Publisher