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It's the third Thursday of November, which means it's also the Great American Smokeout, an annual occasion when the American Cancer Society urges smokers to kick the habit, even if only for the day. If you can, you'll be taking steps toward a healthier life. Good luck!

How to Quit Smoking
It's certainly not easy, but thousands of people quit every year. That means you can too, and these tools can help.The Many Dangers of SmokingLung Cancer Symptoms in Men vs. WomenOther Diseases Caused by SmokingSocially Acceptable or Deviant Behavior? Search Related Topics:  quit smoking tips  nicotine addiction  benefits of not smoking
After Your Last Cigarette
The physical healing starts almost immediately, according to our Smoking Cessation Expert. Find out how your health continues to improve in the first couple days, the next several months, the subsequent year or two or 15 or more.How to Quit without Gaining WeightHow Islam Can Help You Quit10 Things to Stop Along with Smoking Search Related Topics:  quit smoking tips  benefits of not smoking  tobacco statistics
Afraid to Quit Smoking?
It's only natural. But here's the thing: you may never feel really ready. It doesn't mean you're weak; you just have to resolve to take the first step.Bible Verses about Overcoming FearThe Biology of Being ReadyCoping with Nicotine Withdrawal Search Related Topics:  nicotine withdrawal  quit smoking tips  quit smoking support
Aids to Quitting, Knowing Your Choices
Good, old-fashioned cold turkey works, but it's not for the faint of heart. Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) like the patch or gum are also options, along with methods that don't involve nicotine. But the best smoking cessation aid may just be your own determination.Pros & Cons of E-CigarettesAddictive Personality? Don't Do ThisThe Marketing of Addiction Search Related Topics:  quit aids  nicotine replacement therapy  quit smoking tips

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