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I've been getting a little antsy lately, so I thought maybe a new career was in order. I looked into firefighting: too hot. I looked into police work: too get-shot-aty. Maybe I'll just keep writing this newsletter.

How Do You Even Start?
Looking for a job isn't hard, what's really hard is getting started. Once you have that initial inertia, getting into a routine to keep looking can be easy. Come on, let's get started!Job Search TipsUgh, I Don't Even Know What I Want To Do Search Related Topics:  job search tips  online job search  job search advice
Get a Job at Your Dream Company
There has to be at least one company that you'd do anything in order to work there, right? You might be surprised to find out that it's much more reachable than you thought.15 Unique JobsWhat Should a Cover Letter Look Like? Search Related Topics:  cool job sites  dream jobs  cool jobs
Don't Say This During an Interview
I once told the person interviewing me that, "In five years, I expect to be in jail as my secret identity will be revealed by then." I quickly added the "ha-ha" but it was too late.Job Interview TipsWhat Are They Going to Ask Me?How to Prepare For an Interview Search Related Topics:  interview questions not to ask  interview mistakes  interview tips
Jobs Ideas for Working at Home
When I was home raising my children, there were times of complete chaos and times of perfect serenity. Ha, I'm kidding of course. Half the time the kids were crying and the other half the kitchen was on fire. If you are home and can make time between fires and tears, maybe working at home would work for you.Turn Your Job Into a Work-From-Home Job10 Jobs With No Degree R equired Search Related Topics:  real work at home jobs  no fee jobs  legit jobs from home

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