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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor I get lost pretty often, so I'm used to asking for directions. But if someone said to me, "Just take the snickelway to the lorry and it'll leave you off at a lift where you can pop up to the flat," I would assume that wasn't oregano on my pizza.

What is Rumbledethumps?
This topic came up in a meeting because I asked if anyone knew what rumbledethumps was. Everyone said no. Someone even threw a turnip at me.Video: Making Spotted DickWhat Time Do You Borborygmi? Search Related Topics:  potato recipes  scottish recipes  side dishes
Because my children are always around when I hurt myself, I've stopped the cussing (don't ask my kids or Mrs. Bob, you just have to trust me) to express my pain. In fact, now I just yell the word NITTLES!Come Here You Sweet Little KuneKuneWhat Is Freekeh? Search Related Topics:  nittles  punctuation marks  comics
Can You Spatchcock?
I walked up to my friend Ellie and said, "Do you know how to spatchcock?" As she reared back, I yelled "To a bird!" My face still burns from her mighty slap.Wasn't Kogel Mogel a City in 'The Lord of the Rings'?Eating Bubbles and Squeaks Search Related Topics:  chicken recipes  poultry recipes  how-to
Is it Idiopathic?
"Yes, Ma, I know he is," says Mrs. Bob in reference to my series of ketchup and mustard injectors. I mean, why put it on top of the hot dog when it can be inside the hot dog?What Do People Mean When They Say Ceteris Paribus?Of Course Mycorrhizal Will Help Your Flowers! Duh!

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