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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor No, I'm not talking about the bottom of a potato chip bag or the bottom of a tub of ice cream. I'm talking about the ocean! It's vast and not explored nearly enough (we should fix that). By the way, the only thing at the bottom of a tub of ice cream is guilt and regret.

Can You Name The Oceans of the World?
Pfft, easy! Reading, Pennsylvania, B & O and Short Line. Gah, what's the last one? Wait, there are five? What are we talking about again?Ocean Facts You Might Not KnowWhat's a Marine Biologist Make Anyway? Search Related Topics:  oceans  pacific ocean  atlantic ocean
What Is the Deepest Part of the Ocean?
Wherever it is, I bet it's not deep enough to hide these tax forms I never filed. Hmm, maybe it is deep enough?This Is Why We Can't Have Nice ThingsHow Do Reefs Form? Search Related Topics:  mariana trench  deepest part of the ocean  submarines
Overfishing and Our Finite Seas
Another reason I don't eat fish: I'm a fishmentalist. And anyway, they don't come in nugget form. Can we save the oceans?What's Wrong with Eating Fish?What is the Biggest Fish in the World? Search Related Topics:  green politics  environmental activism  green activism
There's More Then One Type of Whale?
I know they aren't related, but whenever I read about whales, I end up speaking like a pirate. "Me frozen pizza be takin' t' long t' cook." Look, I can't stop: How many kinds o' whales be thar?10 Facts About SharksHow Do Sharks Sleep? Search Related Topics:  whales  dolphins  cetaceans

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