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Well, you know what to do in the bathroom, but what about redoing or decorating your bathroom? Is it time for a total redo or will a new curtain be enough?

What's New in Bathtubs?
I feel sorta ridiculous writing that, but what is new in bathtubs? I mean, other than this new mole. Boy, I should get this checked out. What's new in tubs?10 Bold Shower Curtains to Wake up a Tired BathEco-Friendly Flooring in the Bathroom: Which Works Best? Search Related Topics:  bathtubs  walk-in showers  spa bathrooms
Small Sink Squeeze
I once had a bathroom that was literally an old coat closet. As you can imagine, the sink was incredibly small.10 Scaled-Down Vanities for Small BathsSoakin' on the Small Side: Get a Tub into a Tiny Bathroom Search Related Topics:  small bath sinks  small bathroom vanities  countertops
The Green Bathroom
No one wants to pollute or have a bathroom that is environmentally harmful, but lots of folks don't know where to start. Well, good news! This is your lucky day.Recycled Bath Sinks: Green, Gorgeous & Unique5 Ways to Cut Your Bathroom Renovation Costs
Smart New Faucets You Should Know About
I don't know why I get kick out of this. I guess because it seems so narrowly focused. "Oh yeah," you say? "Check out what's really narrowly focused!" Whoa! I'd reply. I guess I should keep looking at faucets instead.How to Choose the Right Showerhead for Your BathBuyer's Guide to Bathroom Countertops7 Ways to Get the Look of Granite for Less Search Related Topics:  bathroom faucets  green bathroom design  green remodeling

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