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Hi friend,
Every once in a while (okay, every single day), someone asks me how you get started as a writer. And I tend to get the same questions over and over:
"How do you find an agent?"
"Do I have to have a book in me?"
"Which writing tools should I use?"
All good questions, but not the first ones you should be asking. Those are easily steps three and four, not step one.
So where do you begin?
I think you should start with a blog.
In today's post, I explain why blogging is not only a great first step for writers but for anyone who wants to grow. You'll learn:Why blogging is the best way to practice writing
How growing an audience is an important part of finding your voice
What you learn about yourself through a blog (that just might surprise you)Check it all out here.
Because I believe so much in this, I'm hosting a free blogging challenge on my blog this month. This is something I do once a year at absolutely no cost to you as a way of giving back and sharing what I know with folks who are just getting started or who want to go to the next level.
If you don't have a blog, you'll learn how to start one. If you have a blog and want to build a better one, I'll help you with that, too.
Read more and join the free blogging challenge.
This Week's Giveaway: Platform University
Speaking of giving back, I've been on a giveaway kick. Recently, my team and I gave away a laptop (congrats to Josh Snyder for winning that last week). And recently Bryan Harris and I gave away some coaching sessions (congratulations to winners Spencer Lanoue, Dominik Harman, Jane Barclay, Jen Stolz, and Stephanie Hiser). 
This week, we're giving away a free membership to Michael Hyatt's Platform University (a $300 value).
I'm a member and big fan of this community. Michael helped me get his start, and his advice is invaluable to anyone who wants to grow their influence. Find out more about the giveaway and sign up here.
The Latest from the Podcast
This week on The Portfolio Life, I'm interviewing Todd Henry, who knows more about the creative process than anyone I know. In this episode, we're talking about Todd's latest book and what it really takes to find your voice.
His take on this sometimes confusing topic is pretty fascinating. I hope you get a chance to check it out. 
Tune in here.
Don't forget you can also subscribe directly to my podcast via iTunes.
What You Might Have Missed
Here's some other stuff I've recently published:A Simple Secret to Success: Teach What You Know

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Public Speaking Interview with Michael Port [Podcast]And that's a wrap for this week. How are you enjoying these newsletters?
Leave a comment on today's post and let me know. I appreciate your feedback.
P.S. Are you in for the free blogging challenge? Leave a comment on this post to let me know.

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