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Do, this notice provides you the link to enjoy
the new October 12, 2015 edition of the weekly e-newsletter
Written for interested collectors of ancient and authentic
arrowheads ... every week a point or two, perhaps more.
Here is the link to click to view the October 12, 2015
edition of "The QUIVER":
"The QUIVER" October 12, 2015
There is always a link in every edition of the e-newsletter
where interested arrowhead collectors who are not currently
enrolled can subscribe to "The QUIVER" to receive the
weekly e-newsletter by email just like this notice.
Several price discounts for "The QUIVER" are available, so be
sure to click on the enrollment link in every edition of the
e-newsletter or the ordering link in this email, below, to see
which discount you may qualify to enjoy ... for retirees, for
students, for Scouts, for kids, etc.  It's just a buck for the
first month.
When you are out in a field looking for arrowheads ... do you pick
up your discoveries right now ... or do you say:  "Let me think about it
for a few days"?  Now that you have found "The QUIVER" why don't
you order your subscription today?
If you are not yet a paid subscriber to "The QUIVER" e-newsletter,
here is the subscription order link, for new subscribers to sign up
for "The QUIVER":
Sign Me Up For "The QUIVER"!
F. Scott Crawford
Publisher of "The QUIVER" 
(the weekly e-newsletter for arrowhead collectors)
p.s.  Your ideas and comments are always welcome.  The email 
address to use to share photos, ideas, and comments related 
to arrowhead collecting is:
3661 Stockton Drive, Carrollton, TX 75010, USA
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