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Do, this notice provides you the link to enjoy
the new September 21, 2015 edition of the weekly e-newsletter
Written for interested collectors of ancient and authentic
arrowheads ... every week a point or two, perhaps more.
Here is the link to click to view the September 121, 2015
edition of "The QUIVER":
"The QUIVER" September 21, 2015
Here is a special announcement:
The QUIVER is continuing with our arrowhead photograph contest
for collectors who would like to enter a photograph of their
favorite arrowhead or arrowheads.  The contest entries can be
submitted until September 24, and voting continues until
September 25, 2015.  Here is the link to the contest site, which
operates on whatever desktop or mobile or tablet you use:
The most popular arrowhead photographs will be featured in
an edition of The QUIVER after the contest is completed.
There is always a link in every edition of the e-newsletter
where interested arrowhead collectors who are not currently
enrolled can subscribe to "The QUIVER" to receive the
weekly e-newsletter by email just like this notice.
Several price discounts for "The QUIVER" are available, so be
sure to click on the enrollment link in every edition of the
e-newsletter or the ordering link in this email, below, to see
which discount you may qualify to enjoy ... for retirees, for
students, for Scouts, for kids, etc.  It's just a buck for the
first month.
When you are out in a field looking for arrowheads ... do you pick
up your discoveries right now ... or do you say:  "Let me think about it
for a few days"?  Now that you have found "The QUIVER" why don't
you order your subscription today?
If you are not yet a paid subscriber to "The QUIVER" e-newsletter,
here is the subscription order link, for new subscribers to sign up
for "The QUIVER":
Sign Me Up For "The QUIVER"!
F. Scott Crawford
Publisher of "The QUIVER" (the new weekly e-newsletter for arrowhead collectors)
Publisher of "ARROWHEAD Collecting On The Web" (the new
monthly e-magazine and print newsletter)
p.s.  Your ideas and comments are always welcome.  The email 
address to use to share photos, ideas, and comments related 
to arrowhead collecting is:
p.p.s.  I have recently completed the Annual Collector's Edition
of the ACOTW monthly e-magazine which includes all 16 issues
beginning with the September 2013 premiere of the re-designed
e-magazine and the rest of the 2013 issues and all of the 2014
monthly editions, including December 2014.  There is an ordering
link to the new 256 page soft-cover book in this week's edition
of "The QUIVER".  It can be ordered through Amazon or directly
from my on-demand publisher.  Here is the link:
I Want To Get The ACOTW 2013-2014 Annual Collector's Edition Book
p.p.p.s.  I very much appreciate all of my subscribers to "The QUIVER"
and wish you all very much good luck in your collecting activities.  Your
ideas and photographs of your discoveries are always welcome.
New edition of "ARROWHEAD Collecting On The Web" newsletter for
May, 2015 is now available to download with this link:
Download the May 2015 edition of "ARROWHEAD Collecting On The Web" e-magazine!
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