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3 years ago

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Do, check out the link to The QUIVER's arrowhead photo
contest and look at the entries as their numbers are building ... and
remember, today is the last day to make your own photographic entry
in the contest.  Tomorrow, Friday, is the end of voting for your favorite.
The contest entries can be submitted until today, September 24, and voting
continues until Friday, September 25, 2015.  Here is the link to the contest
site, which operates on whatever desktop or mobile or tablet you use:
The most popular arrowhead photographs will be featured in
an edition of The QUIVER after the contest is completed.
I would like to encourage all of our readers to submit a photo
of their favorite artifact discoveries.  It will be interesting
to everybody to see the different arrowheads and other artifacts
from across the country.  We will do it again in a couple of months,
so save your second favorite shot for next time.
You can visit the link any time during the contest, and vote for
your favorite arrowhead photographs.
F. Scott Crawford
Publisher of "The QUIVER" (the new weekly e-newsletter for arrowhead collectors)
Publisher of "ARROWHEAD Collecting On The Web" (the monthly
e-magazine and print newsletter)
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