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Hey Do, hope you enjoyed that first video of
the no limit holdem cash games. 
As I mentioned in the video, I recently joined a poker
training site in order to work on my game. I'm watching
videos at Cardrunners and PokerVT right now. I'll talk more about
them later or if you are interested you can see our overview of the
top poker training schools online.   
I don't normally play a ton of sit-n-go's, but
they do have their advantages.  If you are new to online
poker then playing sit-n-go's is how I recommend you start out.  
First - you are only risking your buy-in.  You buy in for $11
for a $10+1 that is the most you can lose. 
Second - they only take about an hour.  Nice if you just want
a quick tourney and can't spend the 5+ hours it takes to play
in a bigger event. 
Here is the first part of the Sit-N-Go Video, you'll have to download this one as we don't have it 'youtubed' it yet.
*the audio fixes itself in about 1 minute, hang in there :-) 
Alright, that's it for this email, stay tuned for my next email coming out, I've
another video in the works and it's a good one.  
Alright, that's all for this email, enjoy the video, and good luck at the tables!   *Did you know?
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