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7 years ago
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Hi **Achternaam!
Enjoy the current issue of the KickAssPoker.com Newsletter!

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Free Poker Strategy Videos

Improve your game and win more money $$$ with a series of exclusive free poker strategy videos. These videos show KickAssPoker.com co-founder Spry playing no limit Texas Holdem online. You can see his hole cards and hear him explain why he is doing what he is doing. These videos are 100% free for all subscribers.
FREE Poker Strategy Videos

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Which Body Part is The Most "Honest"

It's not the eyes. It's not the face and it's not even the mouth. Curious now as to what body part tells the truth and that the vast majority of casual players do not even think about when they are thinking about not giving off tells. Learn how to read people like a book and improve your live poker game leaps and bounds. Learning how to read people has been one of the biggest factors to my poker success and TellsKitchen.com is the only tells training site on the web.

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Exclusive Content
Must Know Texas Holdem Info

This page covers all the things that every Texas Holdem player should arm themselves with before going to battle on the felt.  This informative and comprehensive page covers things like Texas Holdem odds, stats, rules, tells, betting, bluffing and a whole lot more.  
Must Know Info >> Texas Holdem Poker
Carbon Poker - Featured Poker Room

Carbon Poker is the lead poker site in the growing US friendly Merge poker network. They take care of their players, have softer than average games and give you the option to play casino games like blackjack if you need a break from the poker tables. New players get 100% deposit bonus match up to $600.  
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We wanted to say...
Thanks **Achternaam!

We hope you enjoyed your first newsletter and we wish you good luck at the tables! There will be more free strategy videos on the way as well as weekly poker headlines you will want to know about.  Keep an eye on your inbox for the next edition. In the mean time, we invite you to join the forum, talk some poker and get to know the fellow members who call KickAssPoker.com their poker portal of choice.
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