Hi Do

We decided to do something different today on the radio.  
Instead of tapping I introduced Sandy Radomski's Ask&Receive protocol.  

Al just sent me the recording and it's got some good information..

You might notice that I was a little nervous because I hadn't used the protocol many times before.  
I do know that it works because I tried it with a few clients.  
And Al's pain went down substantially within half an hour!

If you want to learn about Ask&Receive...
*If you want to gain your own pain relief benefits...
If you want to hear what a session sounds like...

Ask me for the recording...
I'll send it on to you.

Just one thing to know...
It's time sensitive.
In order to hear it, you need to download by July 30.

Have a great day,


PS.. *It's called borrowing benefits.  If you pay careful attention
as someone is having a session, your physical and emotional 
pain can also go down.  

PSS.. The reason most of the YouTube tapping sessions don't 
work for you is that they are not real sessions with real people
in pain.  This recording has a real session with a real person in
pain getting relief.

Ruthi Backenroth
EFT-ACTION LLC, 4 Misty Lane, Suffern, NY 10901, USA

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