Amazon's Many Hurdles | Walmart's Billion-Dollar eCommerce Losses | Samsung's Shrinking Forecast

18 days ago
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Amazon's Expansion Issues; Plus, Walmart's Big eCommerce Loss; And Samsung Exceeds Profit Expectations, But Shrinks Guidance
July 5, 2019
  Buy Button Index™
Report: The State Of Buy Buttons In Q2 2019

The state of the infamous buy button at the end of Q2 2019 is a mixed bag for the 1,000 largest U.S. eTailers. Growth has plateaued, except where it hasn’t. PYMNTS’ examination of those trends in this new report, now three years into tracking whose button is where and why, gives us all we need to know — and it’s all just one click away.

  Digital Advertising
Retailers Make Bigger Moves Into Digital Advertising

Target wants to follow the lead of Amazon and get into digital advertising. Such moves help retailers expand their overall operations and give them a bigger voice in reaching today’s online- and mobile-focused consumers. But competition is fierce within digital advertising, and retailers playing the game face significant challenges.  Read More...

  Retail Pulse
Walmart To Boost Supply Chain In China; JD Sports Rides Athleisure Popularity

Walmart plans to bolster its supply chain in China by investing in logistics, while JD Sports is riding the popularity of the athleisure wear segment. How is Walmart tapping into Big Data to enhance its supply chain, and how has JD Sports weathered a trying environment for retail? Read this week’s Retail Pulse to find out.  Read More...

  Today In Data
Picking Up The Pace Of Payments

While no one is sitting around hoping for slower payments, adding speed is a lot harder than just leaning on the accelerator. Faster payments still have to be safe, secure and verified to make sure the money isn’t just getting there faster, but is also getting to the right place.  Read More...

  What's Hot Today In Retail
- Samsung Forecasts Declines, Exceeds Profit Guidance Expectations
- Amazon Faces Consumer And Regulatory Challenges
- UK Regulators Press Pause On Amazon’s Deliveroo Investment
- Walmart’s eCommerce Business Posts $1B Loss
- Apple’s App Store Hits $39B In Revenue For 2019
- Courts Say Amazon Liable For Third-Party Seller Missteps
- Japan Joins Chorus Of Regulators Worried About Libra
- China To Add More Cross-Border eCommerce Cities To Stabilize Trade
  Best of  
- Cash Flow Forecasting That Sees The Forest From The Trees
- Why AI Is Social Media Fraud’s New Best Friend
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