Amazon Takes Stake In Deliveroo | Global Banks Developing Blockchain Settlement | How To Pay Global Gig Workers

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Amazon takes stake in Deliveroo, Global banks developing blockchain settlement, How to pay global gig workers



May 17, 2019

Cross-Border Gig Disbursements Playbook™

The Global Gig Worker's Payment Satisfaction Roadmap

Companies worldwide could face a shortage of 85.2 million workers for skilled positions by 2030, putting $8.45 trillion in annual revenue at risk. That’s why many employers are looking overseas for gig workers — and getting a crash course in cross-border payments in the process. The new Cross-Border Gig Disbursements Playbook examines how disbursement platforms could retain talent by delivering a more seamless payment experience.



PODCAST: Disbursements

The Cashless Check Is In The Mail

Consumers are getting more impatient and digitally minded when it comes to all types of payments, including disbursements from corporations and other companies. In a podcast discussion with Karen Webster, Wirecard’s Managing Director Deirdre Ives maps out how leading organizations are grasping the many benefits of digital disbursements, but not in the way they are often described.



PODCAST: Digital Payments

How To Get DIY Landlords To Play The Digital Payments Game

There are a lot of old-school “DIY” landlords out there who still accept only paper checks — much to the frustration of their often-much-younger tenants. Nishant Phadnis, general manager at, talks with Karen Webster about how to shift those mindsets — and payments — to digital.



AML/KYC Tracker™

Getting Millennials To Put Stock In Trading Apps

Millennials aren’t investing as much as older generations — but engaging with them on their smartphones, which they’re always on, could change that. Providing that mobile experience, however, requires navigating a strict KYC and security minefield, says StockTwits CEO Ian Rosen. In this month’s AML/KYC Tracker, Rosen explains what the company has learned from securing 2 million social media users, and how it plans to safeguard its soon-to-be-released trading app.




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