An end to PACER fees? | Lowest MBE scores in 34 years | Anita Hill: 'Do better' in Kavanaugh hearings

5 months ago

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Friday, September 21, 2018

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Scores for Multistate Bar Exam in July sink to lowest level since '84

A Message From Thomson Reuters ProView

3 Reasons Litigators Are Using ProView eBooks

PACER fees would be eliminated in proposed legislation

Do better than 1991, Anita Hill writes about Kavanaugh confirmation hearings

Attorney suspended after releasing psychiatric records of client who sued him for malpractice

10 Questions

This stand-up comedian and Oregon lawyer stands up against sexual harassment

ABA Journal: What really slays the crowd?
Mitra Shahri: I talk about everything from racism and sexism to reversing the roles. My stage personality is a strong female attorney who kicks corporate butts with designer shoes.

A Message From Casetext

Can a Small Startup Take on the Legal Research Goliaths?

'Outrageously excessive' requests for attorney fees can be denied altogether, 3rd Circuit says

ABA releases new ethics guidance on dealing with disasters

Trump criticizes his former divorce attorney's forthcoming book

Some immigrants picked up by ICE given 'fake dates' to appear in court

How to be--sort of--happy in law school

Netflix's new docuseries shows life inside a county jail

Legal-aid innovator enlists student interns to develop '21st-century workforce lawyer'

Australian lawyer helps guide the international development of blockchain

IBM faces age discrimination class action suit

Political nonprofits must disclose donors after SCOTUS declines emergency stay

Justice League: Meet the leader of this teen band of Supreme Court bloggers

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Question of the Week

What storytelling lessons have you learned during your legal career?

Rock icon Bruce Springsteen left an impression on law professor Philip N. Meyer. Did someone from music or the arts influence you and how did that happen? Answer in the comments.

Read the answers to last week's question: How do you deal with people who interrupt conversations?

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