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GreetingsHere is a description of an attractive vacancy.We found your resume at a site offering vacancies.We are one of the leading car traders in the Asian market.Now we are spreading our commerce to Netherlands.We invite you to a position in the new European trade Department.We propose you a good salary and career growth.Main demands:Permanent Internet, email accessPermanent telephone connection: cell and home or officeResponsibilityPunctualityAttentivenessMain duties:- Email correspondence with the department administrator - Fulfilling transactions from organizations and physical persons interested in saving time and money.- Processing transactions to individuals or their legal representatives (by the bank order or Western Union or MoneyGram International systems). - Accounting Working time:Monday - Friday, during the ordinary work day. This {let:job|work} will not take more than 3 hours a day.Salary:From 1000 to 3000 EUR monthly.To obtain further information please write that you are interested in this job.Best regards.

Categories: Restaurant
Age: 14 until 18 year 19 until 30 year 31 until 64 years 65 and older

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