安利 (Ānlì) — One Hip , Modern and New Chinese Word

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Highlights for Jun. 3, 2019
   安利 (Ānlì) — One Hip, Modern and New Chinese Word    The Faster Way to Learn! Download Free Chinese Input Method (No Sign-up Required)
安利 (Ānlì) — One Hip, Modern and New Chinese Word

1. Please read the dialogue then choose the best option to make it complete.

Xiǎo Lǐ: Wǒ xiǎng qù lǚyóu, kěshì bù zhīdào qù nǎlǐ hǎo.
Xiǎo Wáng: Wǒ qiángliè (   ) Yúnnán, nàr tài měi le.
小王:我强烈(   )云南,那儿太美了。

A. 安慰 (Ānwèi)
B. 安置 (Ānzhì)
C. 安利 (Ānlì)

2. What does "我安利这道菜给你 (Wǒ ānlì zhè dào cài gěi nǐ)" mean?

A. I love this dish very much.
B. I would like to have your dish.
C. I miss this dish a lot.
D. I recommend this dish.

See Answer Analysis
If you are not sure about the answer, please read the following text first and then try them again.

We live in a time where buying something without a recommendation is uncommon. Consumerism has fueled large corporations to supply the increasing demand for their products, with various ranges. Many times it can be hard to determine whether or not the product or service will actually live up to its claims. The social shopping scene is alive and thriving, for sure.

Video Lesson: 购物 (Gòuwù) Shopping

In Chinese, there was even a buzzword created for the act of being advertised to, before purchasing something. "安利 (Ānlì) " means to recommend, or suggest a product, or advertise to someone. The Chinese to English translation for "安 (ān)" is "safe", while "利 (lì)" means "benefit". You might be wondering how such simple words could become a modern buzzword. Furthermore, the term "安利 (ānlì)" was actually created from the Chinese translation of "Amway", a large consumer goods manufacturer, and distributor in the United States, which is the source for this newly coined word.

The term "安利 (ānlì)" is widely used in China, and typically fits well into the context of recommending something to someone, as a helpful, friendly gesture. The term is a new, popular and great example of how two common words — "安 (ān)" and "利 (lì)" can be joined together to create one interesting and new buzzword.

Let's look into the literal meaning of each character of "安利 (ānlì)".

The term "安利 (ānlì)" means to recommend or advertise. You'll be at ease to know that this new buzzword is widely used and easily understood in China. But, do you know the meaning of each character of "安利 (ānlì)"?

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