Atlassian Launches Jira Ops, an Incident Response System with Slack Integration

5 months ago

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What You Need To Know Today
Atlassian Launches Jira Ops, an Incident Response System with Slack Integration
ZDNet | Atlassian launched Jira Ops, an incident response hub for software and information technology teams. Jira Ops is a single place to respond to incidents, link systems in place, and create consistent processes. Atlassian is launching Jira Ops in beta for free. The paid 1.0 version will arrive in early 2019. The product highlights how Atlassian is doubling down on managing IT teams.
One in Five Employees Share Their Email Password with Co-workers
ZDNet | Negligent employees remain the number one cause of data breaches at small businesses across America. So why do small businesses continue to struggle with good cybersecurity practices and what can they do to correct those habits?
TSB Boss Paul Pester to Step Down After IT Fiasco
BBC News | TSB chief Paul Pester is to step down after seven years in charge, in the wake of a major IT failure at the bank. In April this year, customers were left without access to online banking services for several weeks when an attempt to move data to a new computer system went wrong. The bank is still struggling to get its IT systems to work properly.
Samsung Teases Foldable Smartphone Launch for Later This Year
The Verge | Samsung has been working on bendable and foldable display technology for years.
Tips & Tricks for the Digital Workplace
How to @Mention a Contact in Gmail
G Suite Tips | If you need to add someone to a discussion in an email, there’s an option to ‘@’ mention them.
6 New Apps for Slack to Boost Your Team’s Productivity
Several People Are Typing | Track objectives, automate office management, and close deals faster with these integrations.
IT Leadership & Strategy
5 Ways to Find Non-Traditional IT Talent
The Enterprisers Project | Are you facing a talent gap — or just hanging onto old ideas about IT hiring? CIOs and recruiters share strategies to locate valuable candidates.
Long Reads
I Invented the iPhone's Autocorrect. Sorry About That, and You're Welcome
Wired | "I have a confection to make. Ugh! No, I don’t want to bake a cake. Let me type that again. I have a confession to make. I worked for many years as a software developer at Apple and I invented touchscreen keyboard autocorrection for the original iPhone," writes Ken Kocienda.
Jira Ops + OpsGenie: Powerful Incident Management
Atlassian Blog | First, Atlassian has entered into an agreement to acquire OpsGenie, a leader in incident alerting. Over 3,000 customers, including Air Canada, The Washington Post, and Overstock trust OpsGenie to manage their on-call schedule and notify the right people as soon as an incident occurs. Second, Atlassian is launching a new product — called Jira Ops — to serve as an incident command center, giving your response teams a central place to coordinate their work during a major incident.
Google Celebrates 10 Years of Chrome w/Birthday Edition Dino Game Easter Egg
Google has updated and themed the whimsical Offline Dino Game.

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