Polo in the Park is a highlight in London’s social calendar. From Friday 9th to Sunday 11th, Chestertons Polo in the park will take place...
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Travel through the iconic sites of London in our city dreamscape, as we continue our summer theme of transcending reality. Staying true to our beliefs that the Boadicea perfumes are out of this world; transforming the everyday into something truly unique and inspiring. Our chariot is arriving at Chestertons Polo in the Park from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th, Polo in the park will take place in the capital. Boadicea the Victorious is once again proud to be a sponsor - we hope to see you there! Come and experience the new fragrances Enthone & Oud Sapphire on our retail stand, where dream and reality merge into one. Stand in our illustrated chariot and ‘snap to win’ in our daily competitions. As a Boadicea customer, take advantage of discounted tickets for Friday and Sunday, using the promotional code: BOADICEA5
Whether you’re an enthusiast or a first-time goer, once you know the etiquette, an important factor is knowing how to smell fabulous & really kick off the season in style! See some of our Sapphire Collection top picks for scents – piration!

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Experience the new and exclusive Oud Sapphire at Polo in the Park. This mesmerising scent is 2023 exclusive Sapphire, a retail exclusive at Harrods this summer. Revel at the jewels in Boadicea's crown, with Aqua Sapphire and Green Sapphire, resplendent and majestic View Oud Sapphire
Blue sapphire
Celebrate a regal heritage, from present day glories to the thrilling era of Boadicea with Blue Sapphire. An icon of its time, this pure parfum does not disappoint, a stunningly positive perfume with a fusion of citrus accords leaves ensures you mean business on even the most social of days. View Blue Sapphire
fire Sapphire
Throw caution to the wind with this passionate and intense pure perfume. The fragrance is reminiscent of watching a fire, drawing you closer with intrigue as the embers dance.  Fire Sapphire enables you to smoulder from dusk till dawn. View Fire Sapphire
Win tickets to Polo in the park
Would you like to attend a highlight in London’s social calendar? We have teamed up with Polo in the Park to offer 3 pairs of tickets for each day to our lucky competition winners. To enter, simply head to our Instagram comment on what Boadicea the Victorious fragrance you would wear to Polo in the Park and tag a friend who you would take as your plus one.
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