Avvo.com: How to Choose an Immigration Attorney

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June 22, 2015

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Avvo.com: How to Choose an Immigration Attorney

Need to find an experienced immigration attorney to help you with your case?

It's not always easy to know whom to choose. Immigration law firms are typically small, most having 1 or 2 lawyers. Your case may involve marriage,
a relative petition, an
employment-based green card,
a temporary working visa,
deportation defense or a variety of other areas.

Few law firms have expertise in all of these fields. Avvo.com gives you an easy way to compare different attorneys to see who is the best attorney for you.

When you go to the Avvo homepage, you can either post a question, search through profiles of attorneys or talk (for a fee) directly to an attorney. I recommend that you start by searching through some attorney profiles.

After you click the "Find Your Attorney" tab, you are presented with 3 lists: (1) View Lawyers by Practice Area; (2) View Lawyers by State; and (3) View Lawyers by Top Cities. Click on "Immigration" for practice area, and if you wish, you can choose a particular state or city.

Let's say that you chose to search for immigration attorneys in Los Angeles. This will give you a list of 490 attorneys. How do you sort through this list?

The secret is to use the small drop-down menu directly above all the names and photos of the attorneys. Most viewers tend to miss this box. You can change the default setting from "Best Match" (whatever that means...) to either (1) Avvo Rating; (2) Number of Reviews or (3) Names.




Immigration Attorney
Carl Shusterman

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Avvo.com: How to Choose an Immigration Attorney

Unless you already know the attorney whose profile you want to check, your best bet is to choose either Avvo Rating or Number of Reviews.

If you choose Avvo Rating, the attorneys with the highest Avvo Ratings will appear first on the list. In Los Angeles, only 25 attorneys have the highest 10.0 Avvo Rating and 13 more are rated as Superb by Avvo. Checking out 25 or 38 attorneys is a lot easier than going through 490 names! Still, that may be more attorneys than you want to compare.

If you choose Number of Reviews, you will see that only 12 of the immigration attorneys with 20 or more client reviews have 10.0 Avvo Ratings. This may be a more manageable number of attorneys for you to review.

You will see a photo and a short bio of each attorney, the number of years that each attorney has been licensed, his/her Avvo Ratings and for some, a link to their website.

Take a couple of minutes and scan through the first 2-3 pages of attorney listings and decide which attorneys you want to check out.

Then, click on an attorney's name. This will take you to their profile. The profile provides you with a wealth of information which includes:

1.Client reviews;
2.Avvo rating;
3.Phone number;
4.Link to website;
5.Attorney's biography;
6.Languages spoken in office;
7.Photos and videos;
8.Practice areas;
10.Endorsements by Other Attorneys;
11.Contact Information;
13.Professional misconduct (if any);
15.Work Experience;
17.Legal Cases;
20.Speaking Engagements; and
21.Recent Blog Posts.

This is probably the most comprehensive information that you can find about any attorney online.

In a matter of 10-20 minutes, Avvo.com enables you to compare attorneys and choose the right one to represent you.

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