Avvo, NY AG agree on ratings reform | Kavanaugh pleads his case on TV | Tech speeds deposition work

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Kavanaugh defends himself in TV interview; White House is open to testimony by 2nd accuser

Simplify a tedious deposition review with technology

Priest could face deportation from US after disclosing he mistakenly voted in 2006 election

Law in Popular Culture

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become an unlikely pop culture icon

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has built a career overcoming the odds. That she has crossed over into the mainstream says a lot about where this country is today, as well as what kind of heroes people are looking for.

Avvo will improve lawyer-rating transparency, pay $50K fine in agreement with New York AG

Gender equity has come a long way, Justice Ginsburg tells Columbia Law students

Court must consider defendant's ability to pay when setting bail, Dallas federal judge says

Yale Law's Chua, Rubenfeld deny advising Kavanaugh clerk candidates to dress a certain way

Question of the Week

What storytelling lessons have you learned during your legal career?

Rock icon Bruce Springsteen left an impression on law professor Philip N. Meyer. Did someone from music or the arts influence you and how did that happen? Answer in the comments.

Read the answers to last week's question: How do you deal with people who interrupt conversations?

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