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Sunday 6th January, 2013
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World News
Gun control
discussions taking place at White House

The White
House is currently paying host to a working group led by Vice President Biden.
The Biden gun control group, which was formed last month after the massacre at
an elementary school in ...
Ohio authorities
go public on Internet after rape cover-up accusations

investigating rape accusations in Steubenville, eastern Ohio, have launched a
website following allegations of a police cover-up. The accusations surrounding
the case have prompted ...
Brutal assault
recounted by survivor on Indian TV

The friend of
a 23-year-old woman who died last weekend from massive internal injuries
suffered during a savage assault and rape has spoken on television in India. The
interview has marked the ...
Ancient Jewish
history discovered in Taliban territory

Child support
agency says sperm donator must pay for child

England fall to
humbling defeat

Wolves make
approach for Saunders

Defiant Assad
says Syria battles terrorists

Scores missing
after Australian wildfires

Hussey bows out
on Australia win

Business & Finance
Fiat ready to
buy more of Chrysler

Fiat has
decided to boost its stake in Chrysler. The Italian auto giant has said it will
exercise its option to increase by 3.3 percentage points its stake in the US
automaker to 65.17 per ...
German workers
finally feel effects of recession

There are now
more Germans out of work than there were in November. The number of Germans out
of work has risen by 3,000 in seasonally-adjusted terms to 2.942 million.
Economists who have ...
Jobs may go from
Infosys India

Infosys might be preparing to let go up to 5,000 workers. Reports from Mumbai
have suggested Infosys is expecting to cut costs and boost sales. The Economic
Times of India has said ...
US cars in a
better position

Ferrari factory
sees slump in sales

Deal to end ice
hockey lockout

Welcome to the
Fiscal Blip

Cheap borrowing
key says Cameron

Child benefit
cut is right says PM

earnings IIP data to guide markets Experts

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