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Monday 7th January, 2013
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Bangladesh News
dreams and middle men haunt Bangladeshi migrants jailed abroad | Syed Zain

Remittances to Bangladesh dwarf foreign aid, but as Biltu Mia and 19
others who ended up in a Tanzanian prison discovered, working abroad is beset
with ...
Anti-government protest over fuel price hike in

Police in Bangladesh fired rubber bullets and tear gas shells on Sunday
to disperse protesters trying to enforce a general strike called to denounce a
fuel price ...
Bell rings
for Bangladeshi products duty free access to US

After several years of warning to act on labour standards that fell on
deaf ears, the US has finally initiated actions that may take away Bangladeshi
products' duty-free access to the ...
Big flow of
boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh feared

Regional governments are bracing for a further influx of boat people
from Myanmar and Bangladesh, headed to Malaysia mainly, that could number in the
hundreds, maybe ...
Police clash with anti-government protesters

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) -- Police in Bangladesh have fired rubbers
bullets and tear gas shells to disperse protesters trying to enforce a general
police clash with protesters

Bangladesh, police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at opposition
supporters in the capital Dhaka. The main opposition party, the BNP, and its
allies were holding a one-day nationwide ...
17 killed
30 injured in road accident in Bangladesh

least 17 people were killed and about 30 others injured as a goods laden truck
and a night passenger bus collided head on in Bangladesh's Shajahanpur sub-
district of Bogra district, 197 km ...
World News
Colorado family
shot by relative

Three people
were shot dead by a gunman in the city of Aurora, Colorado, US on Saturday. The
gunman was killed by police after hours of negotiation failed. The six-hour
stand-off with police ...
People surprised
by speech by Syrian president

president Bashar al-Assad has spoken in public for the first time in seven
months. Speaking to an appreciative crowd at the Opera House in the capital
Damascus, Assad firmly rejected ...
Jewish settlers
set upon Palestinians

settler attacks against Palestinians have been increasing. Tel Aviv's expansion
of illegal settlements in occupied territories has led to violence against
Palestinians. In recent days ...
Rifles fired
across Indian border into Pakistan

island state faces more fires

Obama to
nominate Hagel Brennan for top national security posts

Schmidt arrive in North Korea

China to reform
controversial forced labor camps

Shell oil
drilling ship refloated near Alaska

Next for NHL
winning back fans even diehards

Business & Finance
Chevy Volt given
carpool tick

Chevy Volt
sales tripled in 2012. General Motors sold three times as many Chevrolet Volts
in 2012 as it did in 2011. In the car's first full year on the market, 23,461
Volts were sold ...
More expenses
coming up in 2013

Price tags on
some popular and essential items are likely to be higher in 2013 due to a number
of factors. In the US, NBC's TODAY show finance editor, Jean Chatzky, has broken
down some of the ...
Piracy sends
Internet criminal to jail

An Internet
movie pirate has been sentenced to a US federal prison for five years. A judge
in Norfolk, Virginia sentenced Jeramiah B. Perkins, 40, of Portsmouth, Virginia
to jail after he ...
Indian airline
interested in share restructure

US charges bring
end of Swiss bank

Texas Chainsaw
3-D no. 1 film with $23 million in box office sales

Stock markets
cool off following gains last week

HTC earnings
plunge 91 percent

Exclusive Disney
looks for cost savings ponders layoffs - sources

Global shares
oil fall but growth prospects limit falls

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