Banks Resist Libra | Apple Launches Sign-In Beta | Why InstaReM Wants A Digital Banking License

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Banks resist Libra, Apple launches sign-in beta, Why InstaReM wants a digital banking license



July 8, 2019

Banking Innovation

Can ‘Elective’ Fees Work For Retail Banks?

Aspiration Bank hopes to build a business around social-conscious investments and a model that enables customers to decide how much in fees they will pay, as explained in a new PYMNTS interview with Andrei Cherny, the bank’s CEO. But consumers tend to like their financial institutions, and such fee models have failed, elsewhere. What can Aspiration do that others have not?




The Future Of Compliance: Use Data Better

It’s expensive to feign “I just didn’t know” in financial services, especially when it comes to AML/KYC. Using data better can help turn the unknown into the knowable, notes Cognito CEO Alan Meier, by flagging even the most elusive fraudsters.



FinTech Partnerships

i2c On Brex And 'Fast Twitch' Innovation

Two years and a single product launch is at least 18 months too long in a world where faster is the de facto standard. The need for speed — and ‘fast twitch’ innovation — is what’s driving FI innovation and what drove i2c's pair-up with corporate card FinTech Brex, i2C Executive Vice President Joe DeRosa tells PYMNTS. Details.



 The Monday Conversation

InstaReM CEO: Why We Want A Digital Banking License

The trouble with "big new solutions" in FinTech is that they are often created without looking for real problems. On the heels of the announcement that InstaReM will throw its hat into the Singapore digital banking license ring, CEO Prajit Nanu tells Karen Webster avoiding that trap means not only thinking big, but also thinking like an ecosystem.




What's Hot

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India's Struggling Alt Lending Sector A Risk To Economy

Fujitsu Launches Digital Identity Solution

ECB Head Advocates EU Bank Consolidation

Hackers Make Off With $500K From 7-Eleven Japan App

Bitcoin Daily: Bank Of Japan Pushes Back On Cryptocurrencies; Venezuela President Demands Consumer Access To Petro Crypto

Best Of Yesterday 

Report: The State Of Buy Buttons In Q2 2019

Why AI Is Social Media Fraud’s New Best Friend


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