Because what's more important than being on-brand?

10 months ago

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Whaddya mean, 'Isn't it backed up?'

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Mar 27, 2018

Because what's more important than being on-brand?

Manager at this software vendor insists on admin rights to every system -- and likes to set passwords that consist of the name of the company's flagship product.
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Whaddya mean, 'Isn't it backed up?'

White Paper: Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Accelerating Innovation for the Public Sector with the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace helps governments and other public sector organizations deliver better services faster with cloud-based software through a curated digital catalog. Customers can find, buy, deploy, and immediately start using software and solutions offered by popular software vendors in the online store.
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Whaddya mean, 'Isn't it backed up?'

It's the 1970s, and this student's grade depends on 5,000 mainframe punch cards in a tray, and the hands of the operator who will run the program. What could go wrong?
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Video/Webcast: Riverbed Technology

Extending the Software-Defined Network to the Wireless Edge

Key to the success of today's digital strategies is a highly interactive and responsive user experience - whether from a small office, retail shop, public venue, or multi-national enterprise. In this webcast, you will learn how to build a network across both wide and local areas to enable a great user experience through high bandwidth, scalability, and security.
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