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6 years ago

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Hi John,

Where can you find betting statistics for every football match being played on planet Earth?
BettingExpert Clash!
It's an exciting day at BettingExpert as we launch our new football stats service. After months of development BettingExpert Clash has arrived.
And when we say it's the place to find stats for every football match on the planet, we mean it!
BettingExpert Clash gives you a range of sortable stats for not only each of the major football leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Seire A but every other football league, tournament or competition right across the globe.
You'll also find betting odds from all of the leading bookmakers plus all the tips and analysis posted by the BettingExpert community.
Visit BettingExpert Clash right now and read about all the great Clash features on our blog.
Like it? Love it? Got an idea for a new feature? Let us know by contacting the BettingExpert Clash team
BettingExpert Clash is here! Football betting data for every football match on the planet is at your fingertips.
Best regards,

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