Biggest tech embarrassments of the year, Crazy diet trend, Amazing inventions, and more!

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Biggest tech embarrassments of the year, Crazy diet...Problems viewing this email?
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3 big tech embarrassments of 2015

There were some pretty amazing things to happen in the tech world this year. And then there were these. In this Flash Tip, we give you three of the biggest embarrassments technology had in 2015.

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The latest wild diet trend: Buttered coffee

Do you
know anyone who's started drinking their morning coffee with a tablespoon of butter mixed in? It's the latest dietary fad. You just mix a table spoon of butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil into a cup of black coffee. It sounds a bit gross, but people swear it's delicious. Find out the health benefits advocates claim it gives them.

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Inventions that improved the world in 2015 (PART ONE)

From sneaker technology to dinnerware that makes life easier, we've seen a lot of improvements over the last year. In this Flash Tip, we look at four inventions that made the world a better place this year.

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You've been putting
bandages on all wrong!

The Crazy Russian Hacker has a very clever bandage method that you may have seen before. But it seems like this way would work WAY better!

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You'll be so proud of these high school football players standing up to bullies

At most high schools, the football players are the biggest, toughest and most popular guys on campus. But many of them have also been victims of bullying. That's why I love what these students at Hobbs High School in New Mexico are doing.

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This guy cashed in his airline miles on a $38,000 one-way flight ticket

Etihad Air has a new airplane flying from New York JFK to Abu Dhabi. It's an Airbus A380 with a class option called "Residence." It looks INSANE. Before you even get to the airport, you're in the lap of luxury. You have got to see what it looks like.

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