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Plus: Motorbiking Through the Himalayas, a Soapy Success Story, and Pimp Cats?

Happy Sunday!

This week, redditors revved up their DeLoreans and celebrated Back to the Future Day right on time. (We even teamed up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to raise money for Parkinson’s research with some awesome Marty McFly shirts!)

Redditors also looked to the past, as they made one amazing prehistoric discovery. After one user shared a link to the YouTube channel of a boy who posts dinosaur videos every day, redditors joined together to boost his number of subscribers from 22 to 82,657 overnight. (Watch the boy’s reply here.)

In the words of user MizerokRominus, “This is actually why the internet exists.”

Meanwhile, over at Upvoted.com, we’re continuing to roll out more original content for you to enjoy.

On the video side, we debuted a new episode of our AMA series—featuring rapper Lil’ Dicky (AKA “Firm Handshake”)—and actor Bill Murray stopped by for a very entertaining take on a classic Reddit question (more on that below).

This week, the editorial team published articles on topics like…

one woman’s life-saving fecal transplant
actual paleontologists’ reviews of Friends paleontologist Ross Geller
how the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s theme song would sound from Uncle Phil’s perspective
weird things almost every guy does, as illustrated by Shitty_Watercolour
• and an official list of the most fashionable admins at Reddit.

(There must have been some kind of mistake with that last one because I didn’t see my name anywhere.)

And remember: At the bottom of every Upvoted article, there’s a link back to a discussion on Reddit, so let us know what you think in the comments!

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  UPVOTED Redditor Edits ‘Star Wars’ Trailers Into One Epic Mash-Up
submitted by Schmogel

Reddit user Schmogel recut all of the teasers from the highly anticipated film Star Wars: The Force Awakens into one battle royale between X-Wings, TIE fighters, and Stormtroopers. Check out the result, which he posted in the Star Wars community.

351 read more 3776
  TRAVEL Motorbiking Through the Himalayas submitted by Imaginary_Lines

Reddit user Imaginary_Lines decided he was “bored of a 9-5 life and being stuck in traffic everyday”—so he saved up his money, quit his job, and started traveling. After buying a motorcycle in Delhi, he rode through the Himalayas and snapped 2,000 breathtaking photos along the way. View his 19 best pictures here.

234 read more 2205
  AWW Hedwig, Is That You?
submitted by GallowBoob

Reddit user GallowBoob posted this adorable gif of an albino owlet being its cute little owl-y self. Want more cute flying things? Check out this gif of a fruit bat noshing on the most delicious banana it’s ever had.

551 read more 4951
  GIFS Time-Lapse Gif Shows Father’s Beard Grow as He Hikes the Appalachian Trail
submitted by DABBERWOCKY

Reddit user DABBERWOCKY’s father decided to track his beard growth while taking on one of America’s greatest challenges: hiking the Appalachian Trail. The photo above shows the 61-year-old dad on Day One. See his beard at the end of the journey here.

1471 read more 6295
  IAMA Meet Mr. Trash Wheel: The Invention That Removed 331 Tons of Garbage from Baltimore’s Harbor
When I’m not eating trash I enjoy making new friends, partying with sea creatures, and looking at the stars. Ask me anything!  TheMrTrashWheel

This solar-powered trash-eater has quite a personality. Dubbed “Mr. Trash Wheel,” the clean-up device educated redditors on how it works in a recent AMA—explaining where all the trash goes, what his favorite pastime is, and plans for a Mrs. Trash Wheel. (Wanna see the invention in action? Here’s a video.)


This is the most underrated AMA of 2015.

2402 read more 5567
  UPVOTED Reddit Dads Send First Grader’s “Flat Stanley” All Around the World submitted by nigelpoole

Reddit user nigelpoole wanted to help his son Jasper with his first-grade geography project: sending a paper “Flat Stanley” doll to another town. But this dad took the assignment even further. With the help of other Reddit dads, he sent Stanley all over the world—to pose with race cars, ruins, a statue of John Lennon, and a very life-like T. rex. (See the full gallery here.)

1188 read more 4150
  PICS Remember That Redditor Who Lost His Job and Started a Soap Company? submitted by whollyhemp

In November 2010, user whollyhemp lost his job because his employer went bankrupt—so he decided to start a soap company called Wholly Hemp. A year ago, he moved his business from his garage to a real factory. On Thursday, he returned to thank redditors for their support and give an inside look at how he makes everything from tea tree deodorant to “pumpkin spice” soap bars.

399 read more 4518
  DAMNTHATSINTERESTING Not Sure What to Be for Halloween? How About Building Robotic Spider Legs?
submitted by 1Voice1Life

It might not be the easiest costume to throw together the night before, but at least no one would ask, “What are you supposed to be?” (A boggart in front of Ron Weasley, obviously.) Check out the gif to see the horrifying robo-spider do its thing.

21 read more 709
  UPVOTED Mutemath Invites Redditor to Jam With Them Onstage
submitted by mutemathofficial

During an AMA with alt-rock band Mutemath, Reddit user PointlessGIF asked to sit in and play the trumpet at their next show. Their response? “Can you make soundcheck at 5:30 tonight?” Click here to see the band bring PointlessGIF on stage to play live.

823 read more 1181
  INTERESTINGASF*** Magnetic Cookie Dunker submitted by GallowBoob

It’s called the “Dunkin’ Buddy,” possibly the most ingenious cookie-related invention of all time. Through the magic of “magnets,” this contraption allows you to submerge your cookie in milk—like lowering a shark tank into the ocean—and retrieve it safely with zero chance of letting it fall to the bottom of the cup.

612 read more 4024
  PIMPCATS Meow Money, Meow Problems submitted by your_karma_is_mine

The flashy felines of the Pimp Cats community are balling—and there’s no yarn involved. They’re changing the weather. They’re self-refrigerating. They’re constructing their litter boxes with stacks of “hunnids.” And unlike Pimp Dogs, these fat cats only roll over when money’s involved.

3 read more 148
  UPVOTED How Would Bill Murray Fight a Horse-Sized Duck?
submitted by _BillMurray

Bill Murray stopped by for another hilarious AMA, but this time, we decided to ask him a classic Reddit question on camera—and his answer was so much better than we could’ve predicted. Watch the video to hear about Murray’s approach to stomping on webbed feet and strangling a horse-sized duck from behind.


Did you know that earlier this month, astronaut Chris Hadfield released the first rock album ever recorded in space? On Friday, the space traveler talked to redditors about disco, sending people to Mars, and what David Bowie thinks of his music. Far out.

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