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If ever there was a time to visit Argentina, the time is now. September through November is Spring, and with it comes mild weather, numerous festivals, and, of course, an array of brilliantly blossoming flowers. Argentina in Spring is sure to be memorable for all that visit.
Buenos Aires Jazz Festival
Music lovers rejoice because November 1- 6, 2011 is the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. That includes six days filled with over 150 of the best jazz and contemporary artists, numerous workshops and open lessons, and jam sessions. Last years jazz festival boasted world-renown musicians and over 35,000 spectators. This year is sure not to disappoint.
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Peru boasts glorious beaches, breathtaking mountains, and one of the richest ecosystems in the world. It is also home to one of the most profound and fascinating people that ever existed – the Inca. Much of their history, culture, and origins are still unknown, and it continues to intrigue millions around the world. Archaeologists are continually attempting to unravel the many mysteries of the Inca, and to date some of this civilization's puzzle has been deciphered. During your time in Peru, you will undeniably learn many interesting facts about the Inca. Read on to begin discovering factoids about this intriguing people.
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The Arequipa Region boasts numerous must-see highlights, including the enchanting 'White City' of Arequipa. Its exquisite white temples and homes are accentuated by the 300 days of sun the city enjoys. The majestic volcanoes and lovely countryside bring tourists year-round, but October brings several festivals you do not want to miss!
October 8 is la Festividad de la Virgen del Rosario characterized by numerous events scattered throughout Arequipa's Yarabamba, Yanahuara and Yura districts.
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Iquitos is the world's largest city to remain unreachable by road. Nearly 2,000 miles upriver from the mouth of the Amazon, it has a very special personality that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.
People from all over the world journey to this jungle-locked city as a base from which to explore the infamous Amazon. River cruises and jungle lodges are plentiful, and visitors are sure to be captivated by the abundance of natural wonder within such easy reach.
If you are one of the many to have dreamt of an Amazonian adventure, then look no further. We at Dos Manos can offer all you need to make your dream a reality.
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Amazon River Race...

Which Latino dance gets your blood pumping the most?
Almost everywhere you go in Latin America, you can find people Salsa dancing the night away. Right-left-right-pause. This energetic dance makes even the most left-footed person move to the beat.
A sensual dance marked by synchronized movements and an open or closed embrace. There are many styles of this traditional dance and each is characterized by its own flair.
Characterized by its two-step beat and excessive hip action, the merengue is one of the most popular dances in Latin American.
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