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Investment Alert

Dear Reader,

The coronavirus pandemic has decimated demand for energy in 2020.

Developments everywhere have stalled.

The US shale industry…a darling of the energy world for over a decade…is in deep freeze.

Oil prices remain stubbornly in the low-$40s range.

The global energy complex seems to have gone into hibernation.

And yet…

None other than Warren Buffett — who has stayed uncharacteristically hush-hush about his investing in 2020 — just made what seems like, on the surface, a massively contrarian bet.

The Sage of Omaha just dropped almost $10 billion to buy gas pipeline assets and related debt.

What’s he up to?

What does Buffett know that most investors don’t?

Crude oil reached sub-$20 lows last March…and Warren Buffett is suddenly long on energy?

What’s with that?

Click here for what we believe is behind one of the most controversial investment moves of this year…and one ASX stock we think could be primed to benefit…


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James Woodburn,
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