BREAKING New Documentary Investigates the Death of Andrew Breitbart (PLEASE SHARE!)

7 years ago
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'Andrew Breitbart TRIBUTE'

Andrew Breitbart TRIBUTE (BREAKING New Documentary Film)

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who has already watched and shared our new video worldwide. If you don't know already, we just released a shocking new documentary film that takes an in-depth look at the death of Andrew Breitbart and the motive President Obama and the United States government had in killing him.


Watch and share the video right now!



This Film is Already Being Censored on YouTube

I am very disappointed that this breaking new documentary is already being censored by YouTube. I have had to contest the distribution rights to the video and as a result they have censored the video on all mobile devices greatly inhibiting our distribution rights and viewership around the world.


Bottom line: They do not want the truth out there! Please help us combat this overt censorship and share this video everywhere. Thank you!






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