British sailors on HMS Queen Elizabeth arrested in first overseas trip

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9 Sep, 2018
British sailors on HMS Queen Elizabeth arrested in first overseas trip
Sailors from the Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth have been arrested on the £3bn aircraft carrier’s first journey to the US.
Latest News
Brexit: ‘Second referendum needed to break commons impasse’

A former defence minister has added his support to an increasing number of high-profile voices calling for the vote to be revisited.

Heatwave derails Harry Potter train trips at Christmas

Hundreds of passengers booked on Christmas trips aboard the steam train made famous by Harry Potter have had them cancelled because of the summer heatwave.

Early age drinking in spotlight

As a major international conference is taking shape, we consider how a global perspective can find ways to tackle issues around alcohol

Promoted by Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP)

UK market trader hailed as hero after confronting a woman who stabbed a man shouting ‘kill, kill, kill’

A market stall owner has been praised hero after he confronted a woman brandishing a foot-long knife who stabbed a man as she shouted ‘kill, kill, kill’.

Maurice Golden: Ring the changes on sustainable growth

The United Kingdom’s industrial strategy identifies improving productivity as our grand challenge, however, it is only by putting conservation at the heart of plans that we can expect to grow sustainably.

Sport Update
Aidan Smith: Nike hiring Kaepernick is business, not brave’

Stop me if you’ve heard me say this before, but life was so much simpler when I was a lad. There was no sweatshop-produced sports footwear. There was no celebrity-endorsed sports footwear. There was no politically-contentious sports footwear.

Rumour Mill: SFA officials ‘running scared’ of Gerrard | Compper ‘no closer’ to playing for Celtic

Chris Sutton says Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has officials “running scared” in Scotland; Celtic defender Marvin Compper not moving any closer to making first league appearance; A journalist has claimed Rangers summer signing Eros Grezda will eventually be worth £20million and more in Sunday’s Rumour Mill.

Shelley Kerr in dreamland after qualifying with Scotland

Shelley Kerr was in bed by 8.45pm on Wednesday night. Emotionally and mentally spent. “I don’t think I have been to bed that early since I was at school,” she said, “but, honestly, I was knackered.”

And finally...
Revealed: The exhibits given a starring role at the V&A Dundee

Striking outfits created by fashion designers Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane and Bernat Klein have been revealed as star attractions at the new V&A Dundee museum ahead of its much-anticipated unveiling within days.

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