Card breach at major hotel chain, malware in Christmas apps, solve this panda snowman puzzle, 75% off digital movie rentals on Google and Amazon, and more - Thurs. Dec. 24, 2015

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Card breach at major hotel chain, malware in...Problems viewing this email? Click here to view in a browser.Breaking NewsDecember 24, 2015Top stories from

Beware of malware in Christmas apps

There are a bunch of fun, free Christmas-themed apps for the whole family on the Internet. But some of them were built by hackers to load malware onto your phone, tablet and computer.

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Facebook is going nuts over this snowman panda puzzle

Have you seen this snowman panda puzzle shared on Facebook? It's going viral right now. Some of you will solve it immediately, but some
of you might have to hunt for a bit!

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Kim's Reports: Just how dangerous are drones, anyway?

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Make your own portable phone charger with a BATTERY! (Demo)

Don't have an outlet around to charge your phone? No problem! In this Flash Tip, we'll show you how to make your own portable phone charger with just a few household items.

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Clean a keyboard with a Post-It

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U.S. Air Force

NORAD tracks Santa. Also, more than 45,000 drones were registered in two days. Plus, the first Christmas full moon since 1977. All those stories and many more are on my Breaking Tech News page.

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